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Fatal Grips – Partner Program

We at Fatal Grips, a brand that takes pride in developing and creating some of the most revolutionary products in the history of the gaming industry, are giving you the opportunity to join us in our pursuit to make life a lot simpler for the average gamer. Our Fatal Grips Partner Program is committed to working with interested partners who want to help...

Fatal Grips - Affiliate Sponsorship

Do you own a gaming channel, influencer or an esports organization, and are looking for ways to grow? Well, if you are then Fatal Grips is here to help. We offer you our affiliate sponsorship program which, not only helps you grow your channel, but it also comes packed with special benefits like monetary commission and free goodies. Why Sign Up...

How to Level Up Your Gaming Experience on Consoles

Gaming consoles have been around since the early 70s. However, back then, playing video games was all about passing time and having fun with your friends. Now, with games like Fortnite, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and PUBG, it's mostly about competing and trying to become the best at the game you play. Regardless of whether it’s a PlayStation or an Xbox, this...

Play for the Planet

We, at Fatal Grips, are going to be collaborating with the International Animal Rescue in hopes of doing our part to help tackle climate change as much as we possibly can. With over 700,000, The International Animal Rescue (IAR) is a massive, non-profit organization that operates worldwide to help bring people and brands together to eliminate rising issues like climate change, forest preservation, and animal protection...

Make A Wish With Fatal Grips

Make-A-Wish is a non-profit organization that works on fulfilling the wishes of children, ranging from 2- to 18-year-old, with critical illnesses. Founded in the United States, the Make-A-Wish Foundation has operations in nearly 50 different countries. Now, Fatal Grips has partnered up with the UK affiliates giving young gamers the chance to fulfill their dreams.

Fatal Grips Partners Up With Ultimo GG

Here at Fatal Grips, we are always on the lookout for collaborations and partnerships with other brands to help to bring a positive change to the gaming community. And to do just that, we have partnered up with Ultimo GG, a unique new platform that gives gamers the power to build a better future for themselves through gaming.

Fatal Grips Partners Up With BetOnYou

Allow us to introduce you to your BetOnYou; it's a mobile application that allows players to bet on themselves. The more they win, the more "Octocoins" they earn, which they have can redeem and convert to real-life products. And since Fatal Grips has partnered up with BetOnYou, you can now convert your Octocoins into any of the Fatal Grips' products.

Customising Controllers

Those who have been using Fatal Grips products know about its incredible services. However, if you are new to our brand, then we have something to tell you. Among other benefits and services, Fatal Grips offers a wide variety of customization options for almost every product category. Whether you want to alter the look of the PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch skin or improve on the grip, we are here to help.

Where To Buy

Here at Fatal Grips, we believe in bringing exceptional quality gaming products to everyone in the world. As a result, we have developed an entire spiderweb of different platforms through which you can get yourself any one of our premium gaming products and accessories. So, if not for our official website, you can head over to the following links for our Fatal Grips products.