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Kingdom Story: Heroes War

One of the most anticipated RPGs of the three kingdoms is back, but now as a blockchain. Some gamers wouldn't like the fact that this best RPG is back as blockchain, but it is time we all accept the fact that the future is of blockchain games, and they provide the best experience so far. This experience is likely to get even better in the category of blockchain, so all gamers should get to know more about blockchain games.


Join the Kingdom Story: Heroes War world to enjoy the unique RPG experience. The game is based on Kingdon Story, which many fans would be aware of as it has 5 million users worldwide. As you might have expected, the story is based on the three kingdoms and has SNS elements. So, what are you waiting for? Start your journey now and build your own country where you can grow over 300 officers and unify the world.

Game Features

The following are the features this unique RPG game offers:

  • Become the strongest leader to rewrite the history of the three kingdoms and to dominate the world.
  • Enjoy Scenario, World Domination, Boss Battle, and PVP.
  • Strengthen your kingdom and become the strongest.
  • Form the strongest teams by collecting over 300 heroes.

We worked extremely hard to make sure that the fans would love the Kingdom story and are really happy that they enjoyed it as we provided them with user-friendly policies and a community. Fans can expect better from this new game. By combining our efforts with blockchain technology, we will maximize the value of the player-owned economy and community while giving players the essential value of flawless gaming and enjoyment. So, we are confident that players will surely love the new game.


Game Economics

Kingdom Story: Heroes War is a free-to-play game where you can just play and earn. Along the Three Kingdoms plotline, you can defeat the scenario fight, finish a number of missions, and earn in-game items like Gold, Gold Ingots, and Diamonds. Additionally, you can profit by selling them in the store.

In Officer Recruit, the game's primary currency, you can acquire officers by using gold ingots. You then continually reinvest in growth by upgrading, fusing, and extracting the acquired officers. Moreover, it is worth noticing that you can fast advance your officer, and the game's rarest item, Dia, can be used to upgrade and extend the game's big buildings.



As said earlier, there are over 300 heroes you can collect to build the strongest teams. The heroes have unique designs, but players should expand the growth of officers, and to do that, they would need to upgrade their skills through strategies and weapon enhancement, and craft.



The game is free, but players can earn tokens. Dia($KID) is the token they can earn, and it helps keep Kingdom Story: Heroes War's environment and administration in good shape. By linking the game to a decentralized network, $KID keeps the overall in-game balance intact. Depending on the player, $KID can be used in a variety of ways as a fundamental in-game good, such as receiving access to NFT or token payouts, staking, or taking part in the governance of the DAO. Moreover, it is worth noticing that the total supply of $KID is predetermined and won't be increased during the game or given out without consent.

Players can read more about the token on the official website.



We're preparing for the official game launch at the end of March. So many updates and new stories will also be released so fans can read more about them on the official website.


Moving Forward…

You can follow us on Twitter to get the latest updates about the game and join the discord server to chat with the community. Also, please do share your thoughts about the game, as we want to make a game that the players will love. The game will be available on PC, IOS, and Android, so fans now have a little bit more for the global launch.
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