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Smash Stars: Thunderdome

Smash Stars is a unique free-to-play multiplayer car brawler game fueled by player ownership through NFTs. Join the world of Smash Stars to have fun and enjoy the replayable gaming experience.

The first game

The first Smash Stars game will be none other than the highly anticipated Smash Stars: Thunderdome. In the game, players will be able to create their own Smash Stars, equip their rig, and of course, head into the Thunderdome and do some epic head-to-head battles where the players can prove their skills.


Our Vision

We think that Web3-enabled free-to-play games will give gamers rich, worthwhile opportunities and strengthen communities. Players in the Smash Stars universe have the option to play for in-game NFT things that they can safely and securely possess, trade, and give.


In addition, skill-based, quick-paced, and action-packed gameplay, a welcoming onboarding experience, and the possibility of getting free, player-owned in-game NFT products will strengthen gamers in the future on their path to becoming illustrious Smash Stars.


Skill-Based Free-To-Play Gameplay and A Good Deal For Players

The gameplay is, of course, based on skills which is how a multiplayer game should be, but you can play the game at any skill level. Although mastering the game would be hard but not impossible. Players land and dodge projectiles as well as each other in this skill-based game. You'll need to think strategically in real-time to outwit your opponents and take advantage of the arenas.


Now let’s talk about the good deal we mentioned above. The game is free-to-play for everyone, but that is not it. There is a possibility of playing to acquire your first NFTs for free, which is a pretty good and tempting deal.


Vehicles, Socket Items, and Cosmetics

There are different classes of vehicles, such as Sports, Utility, Offroad Class, and more. So, players can choose their favourite class according to their preference. There are pros and cons of every vehicle based on their class; for example, Sports Class vehicles have top speeds that are above normal but health points that are below average. Moreover, Seven rarity classes for vehicles will be available: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Perfect, and Mythic.


All vehicles come with up to three socket for attaching socket items such as weapons and boosts. Weapons can range from pistols to laser swords, and the game is continually getting new improvements. Moreover, there are two different types of sockets, Defensives ones, and Utility ones which also comes in seven rarity classes same as the vehicles.


Applying cosmetics is not a necessary thing, but to look more stylish and cool than others, you can always use them. NFT-based vehicles look the coolest, and they customized skins and wheels.


Arcade Pass

Arcade Pass is a seasonal battle pass where you can get access to a unique series for pass holders that features the toughest competition and the most expensive in-game awards, including NFTs, and much more.


NFT Design

Thunderdome: Thunderdome Rigs, Smash Stars Action Figures, Daemons, and Arena Land are the four subcategories of NFTs in Smash Stars. You can learn more about them on our official website.



The playable game demo is already live, so do give it a shot. Players who are awaiting the Alpha 1: Version now won’t have to wait much as it will be released soon. Moreover, it is worth noticing that the Alpha 2: PVP will include online PVP, NFT support vehicles, seasons, leaguers, leaderboards, player-level progression, staking daemions for hype and NFT and designs, and much more.


We are relieved to tell the fans that The focus will shift to attracting and keeping larger numbers of new users once the primary mechanisms for the Alpha phase are in place.


Launching a mobile version of the game on current publishing platforms will be a crucial part of the Beta phase. Among the features that will be available in the beta-phase are Seasonal live-ops events, IAP Store, Daily and Weekly quests, Achievements, Login gifts, Clans, Battlepass, and Tournaments.


Moving Forwards…

Players can play the demo on our website and join Twitter for the latest updates. Players can also join the discord to chat with the community and also please share your thoughts with us about the game, as it will help us improve.

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