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Rogue Nation

Rogue Nation is an upcoming F2P mobile-first cross-platform Rogue-lite Action RPG (ARPG). In this game, players can create and collect unique characters, pets, weapons, and much more to take on challenging dungeons, raids, and other players. Players can trade, sell, or utilize their digital items both within and outside of the game because they are fully theirs.


The game is set in a mythical world and offers multiplayer, and emphasizes competitive play. The enigmatic, all-powerful monolith has been broken, dispersing its power over the globe and causing strange events in all of the world's biomes. Strange otherworldly portals, extreme magical powers, and the untamed spread of sentience are now common in this world.


The Book of Rogues

The game responds to a player's activities thanks to this feature. As they carry out their activities and attain their goals, they have a living history. Players will have access to this knowledge regarding the relationships between characters and weapons. This is a useful tool because it could enable them to make wiser choices while playing. Each entry in the book is divided into tiers based on how tough the tasks it accomplished were.


Game Modes

The goal of Rogue Nation is to be the premier single-player, co-op, and PvP gaming experience. As Rogue Nation develops, more gameplay and features will be added. To confirm sustainability and engagement, they will be incorporated and put through testing as live-ops calendar events.

 The following are the different game modes:

  • Raids - Co-op & Clan
  • PVP - rotational content and modes such as tournaments, battle royale, team death match, capture the flag, free for all, and more
  • Tower, Horde, and survival modes
  • User-generated dungeons
  • Social hang-out and trading zones


Characters and Weapons

Rogue Nation has an extensive roster of unique characters that can be collected, developed, and visually customized. Each character has a unique personality, and their body type indicates a character’s upgraded path. There are many different types of weaponry in the game, and each instance has its own unique statistics, as some weapons are better at dealing damage while others are better at slowing enemy attacks.



Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are a brand-new class of digital assets that are exclusive and cannot be duplicated. They are, therefore, ideal for mobile games since they can raise the stakes and level of difficulty for players.

From August 2022 to December 2022, many things have been tested, and from January 2023, many new things for the fans will be released. The first playable character development is in progress. 

Most excitingly, the first Pet mints will be coming out Q1 2023. They will offer owners a special access to the first playable with many benefits within the game and outside!


Moving Forwards…

Follow their Twitter for updates and join the Moonlit discord to chat with the Rogue Nation community. Also, please share your thoughts on the game. You can also visit the founding and the core team’s profile on LinkedIn.

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