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Xterio is a free-to-play game where you can also earn. The game is developed by none other than the veterans of the gaming industry. Join the Black Swan City of Xterio to have rich gaming experiences. Embark on the journey of the first AAA Web3 RPG built by an outstanding Tokyo team. 

Gaming Ecosystem

Xterio is a unique blockchain game that provides the best-in-class experiences to players. The game controls all on-chain processes for both players and creators on the Xterio platform. These include processes that can all be integrated into the platform, such as claiming prizes, breeding NFTs, depositing, and withdrawing tokens made available to players; through a wallet service and the NFT market, the platform manages asset management and trading operations for all games in the Xterio ecosystem.


We at Xterio believe that blockchain technology provides better gaming experiences. Many other developers and punishers also acknowledge this fact, but it seems like many players aren’t interested in the blockchain. It is only a matter of time until blockchain gaming takes the world by storm, and nearly every game will have NFTs and crypto in it.


Why do We Make Games?

Our main reason for making games is that we love them, and it is our goal to make every Xterio game memorable and fun. Moreover, in order to give you incredible experiences, we construct rich worlds, stories, and characters.


GaaS Solution

The Xterio GaaS solution makes connections between specific games and the platform possible. These include various on-chain and off-chain tools and platform APIs (account API, NFT API, token API, etc.) aimed at streamlining the development process.


No Xterio Without The Players

It is a fact that there’s no Xterio without you all, so we would love to provide you with the best environment, and that would happen when you give us your feedback and suggestions. We are very well aware that to provide the best gaming experience, we have to listen to our community because they will be playing the game.


Regarding the player's ownership, we can surely say that it is a key aspect of every Xterio game. You can win items, characters, and much more. Whatever you win is yours unless you want to trade them through the Xterio marketplace.



Now let’s see how Xterio distinguishes itself from the current Web2 platforms and the other blockchain-based games platforms. The thing that distinguishes Xterio from them is nothing but its interoperability of NFTs because NFTs can recognize NFTs from one game from another game in the Xterio ecosystem; this increases the value of each NFT and the total utility of the platform. Through its cross-database interaction architecture, Xterio will enable games with various visual aesthetics to model a specific NFT in various ways.


Our Partners

We are pleased to say that FunPlus, XPLA, MakersFund, and Animoca Brands are our partners who helped us to achieve the results.


Cross Platform Support

Anyone can play on Xterio, regardless of the device they use. Any device that permits connectivity to a wallet, including mobile, tablets, PCs, websites, and consoles, will be able to access the Xterio platform. As a result, Xterio will have the broadest possible player base, players will have the greatest amount of freedom regarding where they can play, and P2E will become increasingly more widely available. In short, you are in for a treat.



Players can obtain rewards from playing games, primarily in the form of game tokens. Each game has a unique play-to-earn structure and distinct token values, payout rates, and token acquisition methods. By looking at the smart contracts made available to the public on the blockchain to better secure their game assets, anyone may confirm how game tokens are allocated.


Moving Forward…

Join the Xterio badges; you can visit the official website to get more information about these as they are yet to be announced, but you can check the procedure. Follow our Twitter account for updates and join our discord community to give your thoughts about the game, as well as chat with the Xterio community.

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