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MetaStar Strikers

Join the world of MetaStar to become the best striker and enjoy real-time multiplayer. Moreover, obtain and play with digital collectibles. Don’t forget to grind their stats and, of course, to show off to your friends. The game is free-to-play, where you can just basically score and own.

Main Focus

The main focus of this unique blockchain game is to deliver a fun and enjoyable experience because it’s not worth it if the players don’t like the game. So, we make sure to provide fun, and enjoyable gameplay as the game is undoubtedly easy to play but hard to master.



If you are a football fan, you’re going to love this game as you will be a striker and each striker has its own stats, visuals, and other different yet interesting features. You will surely find each striker unique on their own as they aren’t similar at all. Please keep in mind that the better the stats of a striker are, the more valuable he is.



It is worth noticing that each striker has 4 base stats. Pace, Shooting, Passing, and Stamina. To increase these stats, players must enter competitive online matches with their Strikers. As said before, higher stats strikers are valuable, so of course, they will play more effectively.



Fans might love to know that Stadium will be another form of in-game asset for MetaStar Strikers. Players will have additional possibilities for personalization when they own a stadium because they can add new goals, stands, balls, and other aspects to their stadiums. Each Stadium will have training stations where players can assign some of their strikers, giving them the opportunity to passively gain stat experience.



By owning $MSTAR, a token that serves as the game's governance and staking system, players can play a significant role in the game's future development. Holders of $MSTAR will have a voice in crucial game choices once our DAO is put into place. So, being the holder of $MSTAR is a great deal and a flex for sure.


Ball Coin

Ball Coin (BL) is the in-game reward currency of Meta Stars Strikers. It is an infinite supply off-chain token. Thus it won't be published on any exchanges and won't be integrated into the blockchain. BL can be thought of as standard in-game money, much as in other mobile games. Players can primarily make money from MetaStar Strikers through BL. Although it is the in-game currency, players can exchange it for $MSTAR tokens.




The online PVP is what makes the game so special. Many gamers love to play multiplayer games, and they can experience the perfect arcade-style football game by playing MetaStar Strikers. You might be wondering what the PVP will feature. Well, there are five things worth noticing, and they are the following:

  • 3v3 gameplay
  • Each player controls 3 Strikers
  • Goalkeepers act as NPCs which the player can't control
  • Each match lasts 2 minutes but will go into overtime in case of a draw
  • Score the most goals to win


Meta Power

The most interesting feature of a striker is its Meta Power. Each Striker will have a special ability known as a Meta Power that can only be used when a meter is fully charged. The more time that passes during the game, the more this meter will fill. Meta powers exist in a variety of forms, and when activated, they unleash a force that gives the person a considerable advantage. To increase their chances of winning, players must put up several teams and strategies. Make sure your team has the correct combination of Meta Powers so they can win by combining certain Meta Powers with others.


Leagues and Tournaments

You must remember that to participate in league matches and tournaments, you must have access to tickets. But don't worry, as getting a ticket is not that hard, as you will get one free on a daily basis. Winning a match after spending a ticket will also give you another ticket, and there are tickets available in tournaments rewards too. If you still think the tickets aren’t enough, you can always buy them in the shop.



League Match Rewards

Players can get the following rewards from League Matches:

  • BL Currency
  • $MSTAR Tokens
  • Exclusive cosmetics
  • Striker Pulls
  • Tickets
  • Trophies


Tournament Rewards

Players can get the following rewards from Tournaments:

  • BL Currency
  • $MSTAR Tokens
  • Exclusive cosmetics
  • Striker Pulls
  • Tickets
  • Trophies



The release gameplay video of Meta Stars has already been released along with the Mint pass and Free Claim Distribution. The Closed Alpha was planned to release at the end of 2022, but it is expected to be released soon. The Beta launch will release soon too, and the full game launch will follow right away. After the full game global launch $MSTAR token public sale will go live, so make sure not to miss it. Then soon, TVT gameplay will also be launched. We will share the future update with the fans as soon as we finalize more stuff. So, wait for some great news in the future.


Moving Forwards…

Follow us on our Twitter to get the latest news, and join our discord to chat with the community. Also, please do share your thoughts on the game, as it will help us to improve if we are missing some parts. Our main focus is to provide the best gameplay for the fans so. Moreover, check out the whitepaper to get to know more about the game in detail.

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