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Fatal Grips - Affiliate Sponsorship

Do you own a gaming channel, influencer or an esports organization, and are looking for ways to grow? Well, if you are then Fatal Grips is here to help. We offer you our affiliate sponsorship program which, not only helps you grow your channel, but it also comes packed with special benefits like monetary commission and free goodies.



Why Sign Up for An Affiliate Sponsorship Program


A Gaming Affiliate Sponsorship is a service designed for the sole purpose of helping gamers grow their channels. It provides them with a safety net for earning income. Plus, when a brand is backing someone or a channel, it further adds to the trust factor. In other words, it gives confidence to the customer or the viewer as they know that if a popular company is backing someone else, the chances of scams or fraud are quite low. This is because no brand wants to link themselves with such activities.


Furthermore, it helps your channel expand, bringing in more viewers on an everyday basis. This is because, most affiliate programs come with special packages for its affiliates which allows them to use tactics like exclusive giveaways and discount codes, etc. So, the sponsor gets sales, you, the channel gets free views and promotion, and the customer gets unique benefits like discounts. It is a win-win-win. 


Affiliates will have access to our exclusive Discord server where they can join to see the latest updates on exclusive drops, weekly giveaways, and most importantly, shoutouts.



How to Sign Up for An Affiliate Sponsorship Program


We here at Fatal Grips, offer the community with one of the best, most successful affiliate programs designed especially for people who share a love for video games. We seek to partner up with small channels and regular gamers who wish to get a head start in their pursuit of making a name for themselves. All our have to do is head to our official website and sign up for the program. It is that simple. Plus, the best part of all of this is that its free, and you get a special code through which you can get yourself discounts on our website. 


We also offer a Tier 2 sponsorship which is designed for channels with a higher following. This comes with bigger rewards and commission plans. Check out our partner program here or read more about it here and see if you meet the requirements.


So, if you think you have what it takes to go big but want a little help along the way, join hands with Fatal Grips and well do it together.

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