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Welcome to Fatal Grips, the world’s fastest growing gaming accessory brand! Built from only the best materials for optimised comfort and performance, we have set out to create some of the most revolutionary products in the history of the gaming industry. Across our slew of sponsors and wide variety of platforms, we have become ubiquitous in the gaming scene.

Engineered for the Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch, as well as legacy consoles like the Xbox 360 and PS3, there’s something available on our site for everyone. One of the most wonderful things about Fatal Grips is that they are extremely easy to add to your controller, and equally as easy to remove. Our grips come in many different variations, including concave/convex, dome variations, as well as neon, glow in the dark, and so much more. Variety is incredibly important for something as delicate as aim, because everyone has their own preference. We strive for absolute comfort… no more sore fingers or tired hands!

We don’t just sell our products - we sell results. Users of Fatal Grips have reported a noticeable increase in their aim tracking, K/D ratio, targeting, movement, and so much more. These are an absolute must-have for anyone that takes their shooter skills seriously. The additional height and flexibility that our addons provide makes it significantly easier to perform well in your games.

We don’t just carry grips though - in fact, our recent additions of controller cases, decals, headsets, mouse pads, and Gamer Goo Energy have been massively successful so far. We have a slew of colour/pattern variations for our controller skins (made from premium vinyl), as well as tons of differentiation in style, so you can express yourself however you please! Anything from our super unique Comfy Paw Grips for the Nintendo Switch to personalised light bar decals for the PS4, the tools for complete expression are at your fingertips… literally! 

Make the right choice, and up your game now with Fatal Grips!