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The Eggstraordinary Grips - Fatal Grips
The Eggstraordinary Grips - Fatal Grips

The Eggstraordinary Grips


For those who own a Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite know just how uncomfortable the thumbstick grips are on the handheld console. And if that wasn't enough, if you are someone who uses the Switch daily, spending countless hours on it, then you must have noticed the grips on your console are losing their texture, rendering them useless. So, to fix this issue, Fatal Grips has released the all-new The Egg-straordinary Grips.


As the name suggests, these grips are extraordinary. They tick all the boxes. They are extremely comfortable, they help improve the durability of your thumbsticks and give the user that extra bit of precision and grip they need to play better. And to top it all off, we threw an egg on it, just for the giggles. Who doesn't like a good pun?


The Eggstraordinary Grips are compatible with both the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite and are very easy to install. Grab a pair today!