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Sport Grips - Fatal Grips
Sport Grips - Fatal Grips

Sport Grips


Following the release of Nintendo Switch Sports earlier this year, the game has quickly captured the interest of many people who missed the well-known game, Wii Sports. The latest release has around six minigames, each requiring precision, and accuracy. Coupled with the common issue of Joy-Con drift, things can get frustrating quickly for many players, so we are introducing the all-new Switch Sports-inspired thumb caps to solve this.


These grips are tailor-made for Nintendo Switch and are designed carefully, keeping in mind the overall appearance and compatibility with the Joy-Con. The soft silicone materials allow for easier sliding off or replacing the grips. From a performance aspect, the grips add to comfort and prevent sweaty hands from interfering with the gaming experience. The wide surface allows for a comfortable space to rest your thumb. In addition, these grips offer a low-rise style so that it’s easy to adapt to the new setting—the increased grip and comfort result in effortless and precise movements.


These grips are compatible with Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite.


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