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Pokemon Let’s Go Nintendo Joycon Bundle - Fatal Grips
Pokemon Let’s Go Nintendo Joycon Bundle - Fatal Grips

Pokemon Let’s Go Nintendo Joycon Bundle


It is safe to say that Pokemon is one of the most popular and successful franchises in the Nintendo lineup, so much so that some might say that it’s the best out of the lot. Well, if you are one of those fans, then we might have the perfect thing for you. Check out the all-new Pokemon Let’s Go Nintendo Joycon Bundle, a special bundle based around the 2018 remake of the 1998 classic game, Pokemon Yellow.


Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee! are two of the best Pokemon games in its line up, and so, we thought this would be the perfect opportunity for us to launch a brand-new Pokemon Nintendo Switch bundle. The colours, the design, everything is based around those two incredible games. And there’s more.



Joy-Con Cases:

  • Improved grip and control
  • Specially designed silicone reduces sweat
  • Increased comfort for longer sessions
  • Protects your controller

Thumbstick Grips:

  • Extreme grip & comfort for improved gaming
  • Replace worn or ripped caps
  • Protect your analog sticks from wear and dust
  • Easy to replace (Simply push over the top of the original analog sticks)
  • Hybrid silicone TPU material provides a lot of grip and is long-lasting


So, Pokemon fan, if you are looking for a case and grips combo that showcases your love for this incredible franchise, this just might be the thing for you. Grab your Pokemon Let’s Go Nintendo Joycon Bundle today!