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Ocean Kings Grips - Fatal Grips
Ocean Kings Grips - Fatal Grips

Ocean Kings Grips


Sharks, as some may call "the kings of the ocean," are here to revitalize your Joy Con's outlook. These round-edged grips are the latest addition to our extensive collection for Nintendo. The vibrant colours on the Ocean Kings Grips are designed to give your controller a new and refreshing look.


The Ocean Kings Grips are designed to easily slide onto your Joy Con's thumb stick, protecting its finish and providing you with a comfortable and grippy controller. In addition, the grips add minimal height to the joysticks so that the original style and feel remain undisturbed. These grips can help improve your performance and are manufactured to prevent Joy-Con drift so that your thumb doesn't slide off while playing. The blue accent also perfectly complements the Switch's style. The rounded edges make small movements practically effortless and add to the grips' comfort.


These grips are compatible with Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite. 


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