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Evil Incarnate PS4 Controller Case (White) - Fatal Grips
Evil Incarnate PS4 Controller Case (White) - Fatal Grips

Evil Incarnate PS4 Controller Case (White)


Want to show the world just how much of a badass you are? Well, those basic black controllers won't be enough. You need something that matches your persona. Check out the all-new Evil Incarnate PS4 Controller Case by Fatal Grips.


These fear-inducing cases don't just look good; they come packed with a ton of other features and benefits too.  They boost performance, add layers of protection, and much more. Take a look at the complete list of features down below:

  • Add colour and personality to your controller and improve your gaming with the FG Pro silicone case.
  • Get extra grip and enhance your gameplay with increased precision and accuracy.
  • The skin perfectly fits the controller keeping all the buttons, triggers, and connection ports accessible.
  • Premium quality soft silicone material provides a more comfortable experience, allowing you to play for longer.
  • Protects your controller from bumps and scrapes
  • Ribbed handle areas for improved grip
  • Easy to install and remove


Evil Incarnate PS4 Controller Case is the perfect gaming accessories for people who want their enemies to fear them in the game and in person. So, you think you are worthy, then get your hands on a case today!