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Bio Hazmat Grips - Fatal Grips
Bio Hazmat Grips - Fatal Grips

Bio Hazmat Grips


To excel at something, you will need the right tools. Same is the case when it comes to gaming. To improve, you will require the right equipment that is suitable and fulfils your needs, so every time you pick up your controller, the only thing you focus on is the actual game. For just that feat, let us introduce to you our all-new Bio Hazmat Grips.


The Bio Hazmat Grips eliminate most of your problems as a console gamer. They have an anti-slip surface and are manufactured so that your thumb rests peacefully without slipping. Thumb drift-off is a significant issue for most gamers, and so this helps prevent that. The grips also help preserve the original analogue sticks and protects them from dust and normal wear and tear. Aside from that, these grips are made of soft materials that are easy to slide on and replace whenever needed. They provide a solid, comfortable surface that can help you game easily for long hours without worrying about your controller.


The Bio Hazmat Grips are compatible with both the PS4 and the Xbox One, along with the more recent PS5 and the Xbox Series X/S.


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