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Badminton Grips - Fatal Grips
Badminton Grips - Fatal Grips

Badminton Grips


Badminton was one of the six games introduced in the new Nintendo Switch Sports. Many people seemed to like it, so we have developed a badminton-inspired thumbstick grip for your Switch controller. Many Nintendo Switch gamers would agree that using the stock grips on the Joy-Con can be hectic and straining for your thumb, so many people use grips to counter this issue.


These grips have a snug fit, and the soft material makes it easier to slide them on. The grips protect your thumb grips, preventing stains or scratches from getting to the stick itself. Furthermore, the increased grip results from added resistance bundled with the specialized, comfortable material used to make these. The grips prevent sweaty hands from drifting off the stick at crucial moments, thus amplifying your gaming experience. The minimal rise in the height benefits players who like the stock feel and are used to it.


This badminton grip is compatible with Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite.


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