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Tearing Spaces

Tearing Spaces is a competitive 3v3 racing animated RPG game where you can earn & play. The game will have both free-to-play and play & earn modes, so join the tearing spaces world and kill the boss first to win.


Join the team battle and become the first team to kill the boss in order to win. Launch an ambush by entering the portals and teleporting the opponent’s fields. You will cooperate while battling and competing with others.


Team Combat

Choose any weapon from crossbows, hammers, and swords. Play the game with cooperation and make strategies to ambush the opponents and become the first team to kill the boss.



Characters can use any weapon they would want. Weapons have unique designs, rarities, and different attributes. Six weapons will be free of cost, while others will be available as NFT weapons. To earn Tokens, NFT weapons are required.


Unique Game Design

The game has been built by veteran game designers and animators and is powered by Unreal Engine 4 with in-house custom yet unique anime-style artwork, which brings the real quality of gaming to Web 3.


NFT for Competitive Gamers

NFT weapon has been introduced in the game just for competitive players who want to race against other players. With these NFT assets, earn tokens by killing enemies and winning tournaments.


The Alpha and Beta versions of Tearing Spaces were already released in 2022 for PC. The open beta will be released sometime in 2023. PFP NFT and Weapon NFT sales will also go live sometime in 2023. Join the Tearing Space for a unique experience and enjoy the anime-style artwork


Moving Forwards…

Visit our Twitter for more updates, and join our discord server to chat with the Tearing Space community and share your thoughts on the game. The Open Beta will be launched in the 1st quarter of 2023.

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