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Sidus Heroes

The NFT and Crypto industry is booming right now. Both these are based on blockchain technology which provides people with complete ownership and decentralization. People like to own stuff. Before NFTs and Crypto, we humans did not have an effective and efficient way to own digital media. But now everything has changed. Once you buy an NFT, it is yours forever, and no one can dispute that.


The NFT and Crypto boom has given rise to play-to-earn video games. These games are catching on and are gaining exponential popularity. Sidus Heroes is amongst the latest NFT and blockchain gaming projects. The Sidus Heros project has huge ambitions and aim to be one of the leading forces in the NFT and play-to-earn gaming industry.

Sidus Heroes is a futuristic play-to-earn NFT MMORPG. From the appearance of their website and what they have mentioned, it seems that Sidus Heroes will be set in a futuristic sci-fi world. Players will be able to build and equip different kinds of spaceships in this world and take on several missions throughout the galaxies. In these galaxies, there are also going to be some pirates that players will have to be careful about. The game will allow players to spend their time and earn some of the in-game currency that will also be based on the blockchain.

There are several NFTs available for players to buy right now. These NFTs are basically artworks for the Heroes that are a part of the game. The total number of NFTs available right now is 6000 with each of them being unique and having different levels of rarity.


While the game looks super awesome, the success of any game greatly depends upon the development team of the game. When it comes to Sidus Heroes, it seems that the team is not lacking in skill or experience in any way whatsoever. The members of the Sidus NFT Heroes project are all highly skilled blockchain developers that have several years of experience in the field of DeFi and NFTs.


After taking a deep dive at the team members, we found that the leader of this project, Dan Khomenko, has been working as a software developer since 2011.


The Sidus Heroes project is backed by Kangaroo Capital. It is a community-driven blockchain venture that allows young startups to get more established and accelerate their movement on their road map. All these features point us in the direction that this project is going to be massive.

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