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As the era of blockchain gaming has started, Qtopia is a game to look forward to. As part of the cutting-edge Social-Gamefi environment, Qtopia combines the real world and the metaverse, meaning NFT holders have the chance to participate in the development of games and animated programs as well as collect limited-edition real-world products. In simple words, it is a social metaverse and RPG game that brings people together.




Join the unique world of happiness where everyone is blessed with God-like powers. Vitamin Gods blessed everyone with unique powers granting people everything in return for their devotion and service. The VitaMelons are a mystical plant of recollection that grants the Vitamin Gods their abilities, and it is the responsibility of the people of Happiness to grow and harvest them.


Vitamin Gods

The Vitamin Gods are Vitamin Augustus, Bae, Carmine, Dolores, Elon, and Kara. Each one of the Gods has special abilities along with their tasks.


Qtopian NFT

The game features a Qtopia NFT, and if you are a Qtopia holder, then you will get to experience all the excitement and adventure of the Qtopia realms. Qtopia NFT will also function as an entry pass to a world where you will get many benefits. You will be able to purchase land in the Imagine-verse with your Qtopia NFT, providing you a place to live and create your own sliver of the globe.


The Imagine-verse

An open-aired metaverse design is featured in Qtopia, which is key to fostering a sense of community and promoting interactions between players. The metaverse is designed to be highly visible so that everyone can have a better experience.

The prototype of the Metaverse will release in the first quarter of 2023, the guild halls demo test will launch in quarter 2 of 2023, and many more will be released in the 3rd and 4th quarters of 2023.


Moving Forwards…

Follow our Twitter for updates, and join our discord to chat with the Qtopia community and share your thoughts on the game. Our aim is to make this game a community-driven project so visit our site and give your suggestions on the current process we are working on. A voting system for the community will be available soon.

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