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Poglin Slam is a Web3 game built on the blockchain, and it is designed with useable NFTs. It is a free-to-play (F2P) trading card game where users acquire users acquire tiny supernatural beings known as Poglins and engage in real-time combat with other players. Each player owns their own collection. Each Poglin is a non-fungible token (NFT) with real value and history, and it is powered by technology.




Players divide into two teams of six Poglins apiece for the game. Each player deals a face-down card as they go. The Poglins clash once they are unveiled and unleash their formidable skills! Each combat lasts only around three minutes, yet it is jam-packed with shocks and adrenaline.


NFT Project

Players can assemble a sizable collection of Poglins and form a variety of fighting teams. Poglin breeds are in the hundreds, and fusion has revealed that each one has an original evolutionary history.



Chits, Poglin Slam's non-tokenized virtual money, are what are typically used for regular in-game transactions. Direct PayPal purchases are possible for them and also be obtained by doing the regular duties.



Lodestars are Poglin Slam's official currency, and they stand for equity in the game's future, and ownership grants one the chance to vote on the selections that will determine the game's course. Lodestars can be acquired on the secondary market or in small quantities through gameplay.



In December first, early access to the game was launched, and then later on, the official game was launched. In January, season 1 begins, and new Poglins will become available for a limited time. Buy and sell Poglins with other players. Powered by Open Loot technology.


In February, season 2 will begin, and a new set of Poglins will become available for that month only. A special weekly game mode will be available in season 2, where you can win as many battles as you can.


Moving Forward…

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