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Plushie Guardians

Blockchain gaming is the future of gaming. Although it is not written in stone, it is more likely that blockchain gaming will rise soon. The gaming platform will not wholly depend on the blockchain, but there will be some significant changes that some gamers have noticed.


Join the trend by playing Plushie Guardians, a game brought to life by children’s dreams and inspirations. The game utilizes a play-to-earn system where you can make money depending on your performance in-game.




Join the fight as a Plushie to protect the children from the Bugaboo Realm and earn some NFTs. Fight the enemies, get better equipment, customize your plushie looks with cosmetics, and earn materials. Also, your objective will be to defeat several bosses and challenge players into battle.


Plushie NFTs

From battling to crafting the plushie, NFT is required. The Old Guardians are the rarest plushie NFT in the game, and all Plushie NFTs are limited. Each one would have a unique handcrafted background.



There are weapons, helmets, and armor that provide bonus attributes. Unlocking a stance tree will let the players overcome hard counters and help them to adapt their tactics. In the raid, find shells, horns, claws, and gems to craft equipment.



Cosmetics are applied over equipment, and they come in two types. One is earned through boss fight victories, Artifacts, and the other is a limited edition one known as Relics, which is given only to the highest PVP ranks.



Tokens and NFTs are used to do activities to produce interdependence while reducing general volatility. Anima can be earned in PVP battles, and they can be used to create new plushies.


Phase 1 Minigame Bootcamp has been launched, which gives a Rookie NFT to those who finish it. Join the Plushie world and enjoy while you earn.


Moving Forwards…

Visit our Twitter for more updates, and join our discord server to chat with the Plushie Guardians community and share your thoughts on the game. The minigame has been launched, and the sale on Plushie NFT will go live soon. Phase 1 of the game has already begun.

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