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Play for the Planet

We, at Fatal Grips, are going to be collaborating with International Animal Rescue in hopes of doing our part to help tackle climate change as much as we possibly can. International Animal Rescue (IAR) is a massive, non-profit organization that operates worldwide to help bring people and brands together to eliminate rising issues like climate change, forest preservation, and animal protection.


And since such issues are of critical importance, we had to do our part to help it reach its goal however much we can. So, we are pleased to inform our followers that we will be joining hands with IAR, and hence, we encourage you to do the same. IAR will be hosting a three-day event, with the finale on Endangered Species Day, i.e., 21st May 2021. The goal of the event is to protect orangutans, but it's not limited to just them. It's about all species. If you wish to participate along with IAR and Fatal Grips, set up live streams for 6, 12, or 24 hrs in support of the Orangutan Rescue Project in Borneo.


Plus, as an incentive for your support for this fantastic cause, Fatal Grips will be making a donation towards the event for all the streamers taking part to help raise funds and aid the IAR as much as we can. The world has given us so much. Now it's time to give some back—this the least we can do.


Head on over to the official IAR website, learn more about the Great Ape Gamers program, and get involved along with Fatal Grips and many other brands, content creators, and your favourite influencers.

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