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Fifa 22 – What’s New?

The fresh and latest installment for the Fifa series is all set to launch on the 1st of October 2021 and, fans are very excited for Fifa 22. The new Fifa game has some great changes that will definitely give it a distinctive feel from the previous titles. Here we will discuss some of the most massive changes that the developers have added to the franchise.


Fifa Gets Even More Realistic

For Fifa 22, the developers have implemented new technology to create one of the most realistic animations for football players in the game. With this technology, the animations for all the in-game characters will feel life-like and more fluid.

The new technology implemented on Fifa 22 is based on AI and a machine learning algorithm. This technology is called HyperMotion and, it works by capturing the motion of players moving in a full-scale match. The match consists of eleven players on both teams and, motion for several different match situations and conditions has been captured. This data is then fed into the machine learning algorithm. With the help of this AI system, accurate interactions and responses are rendered for in-game characters.


NPCs Get Smarter

With this addition to the Fifa franchise, the AI for in-game NPCs is going to get a hell of a lot smarter. The biggest change is coming to the goalkeepers. The goalkeeper system is being developed completely from scratch in order to increase its reliability. The goalkeepers will also now accurately replicate different styles depending on the personality.


A New Ball

The ball for Fifa is also getting a major overhaul. This rework includes changes to the ball physics that will make it feel more realistic. You will be able to see real-world skills, techniques, and motions of footballs replicated by the virtual ball in the game. These motions include a ball moving extremely fast while moving on wet grass, slowing down when a player has applied backspin to it and, changing path in a curve while in the air.


Football Thumbstick Grips

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