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Fatal Grips Partners Up With BetOnYou

Welcome, Team Fatal. We are pleased to inform you about our new partnership, one that will reward you with real-life prizes for playing your favourite games.


Allow us to introduce you to your BetOnYou; it's a mobile application that allows players to bet on themselves. The more they win, the more "Octocoins" they earn, which they have can redeem and convert to real-life products. And since Fatal Grips has partnered up with BetOnYou, you can now convert your Octocoins into any of the Fatal Grips' products.


Simply download the app from the Google Play Store or the App Store, choose your favorite game and mode, and lunch the game. From there onwards, the more you win, the more Octocoins you earn, which you can claim for free Fatal Grips products along with others products from brands like Logitech and X Gamer.


Just head on over to the link here: and get started today! Who says playing more games doesn't get you the stuff you want!

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