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Eternal Station

Now more than ever, blockchain is the foundation upon which the gaming industry will grow and thrive. Even more so now that gamers are beginning to realize they deserve something in return for the time they spend playing.


Explore the Eternal Worlds with your friends in Eternal Station, a Web3-based game where you earn rewards for contributing to the growth of the community. The game utilizes a "Play-to-Earn" approach in which players can gain NFTs and begin making money based on their performance.


The Story

Being lost in the wrong train, your objective is to find your way out by exploring multiple worlds to find the required information or materials in exchange for your services. Complete quests, trade with other players, buy or sell items on the open in-game market, or craft them by yourself.



  • Travel Between Eternal Worlds

Travel between worlds on the Eternal Train and interact with the NPCs to find your way out of the station.

  • Quests & Trading

Take part in cooperative minigames and quests with other players. Be careful when buying and selling rare items that will eventually be transferred to your cryptocurrency wallet from the blockchain.

  • Craft Items

You may need to go to several worlds in order to acquire the unique items you'll require. That's why you might ride the rails pretty frequently. Therefore, use your intelligence as the train tickets cost resources.

  • Avatar System

In the future, avatars from all Web3 projects will be interchangeable. For the time being, the game has integrated MetaMask to include them in the role of a primary character within the game.


Real Estate NFTs

A property system based on NFTs will be implemented in the game. There will be a total of three distinct designs, ranging from two-story homes to loft-style penthouses. Customizing the interior will make the design relevant to each individual player.


You'll be able to invite other gamers to your home and brag about all the great things you've done in your Eternal Life. The homes will incorporate businesses as a source of passive income, and you can alter the appearance of your property with your very own NFTs too.


Moving Forward…

Visit our Twitter for updates, or join our Discord server to talk to other members of the Eternal Community and share your thoughts on the project. The Eternal Station Lands NFT will be launched at the beginning of 2023, and then the actual game will be released in the second quarter.

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