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Customising Controllers

Those who have been using Fatal Grips products know about its incredible services. However, if you are new to our brand, then we have something to tell you. Among other benefits and services, Fatal Grips offers a wide variety of customization options for almost every product category. Whether you want to alter the look of the PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch skin or improve on the grip, we are here to help.


From different colours to designs to even its uses, Fatal Grips has a ton to offer when it comes to catering to the customers' exact needs. Simply just head on over to the Fatal Grips official website, choose from a massive library of products, including grips, cases, and skins for the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch/ Switch Lite, and select whichever option you want delivered to your doorstep.


The days of buying those third-party £150+ "pro" controllers are past us. With these customizations, you can get the same features and benefits for a fraction of that price. It's time to level up without paying a premium!

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