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Best Weapons in Monster Hunt Rise

So you play Monster Hunter Rise? You probably like killing huge and vicious monsters to quench the thirst of your inner hunter. Or maybe you just like the game. Either way, you will most likely benefit from some tips on how to improve your in-game performance. Here we will discuss our top picks for the weapons available in the action role-playing game Monster Hunter Rise. Using these weapons will help boost your effectiveness in slaying monsters.


Long Sword

If hard-hitting attacks and using different combos are your thing, then this weapon is made for you. The Long Sword is a versatile weapon. It also comes with tons of combos to choose from, each providing a unique way for slaying monsters.

While using the Long Sword, you will most definitely feel how slow it is, however, it is a serious heavy hitter and it makes up for its lack in strike speed. The Long Sword is deadly when the spirit gauge is filled up, which allows you to unleash the lethal spirit blade combo on monsters.


Light Bowgun

If fighting up close in the face of monsters is not your thing and you prefer to keep your distance from those humongous creatures, then you should try the Light Bowgun. The Light Bowgun is all about range and maneuverability. You can deal tons of damage while keeping a safe distance with the Light Bowgun, and it is also very easy to use. You can choose from different ammo types for the Light Bowgun. Each one of these ammo types inflicts a different effect and damage value on the monsters.


Dual Blades

If you like taking the fight with monsters to their faces, then you need a melee weapon for this. However, the Long Sword will feel very slow if you like speedy attacks. If you need a fast melee weapon, you can't go wrong with the Duel Blades. You can keep spamming strikes very quickly and end up with huge amounts of damage on the monster.

With the Dual Blades, you cannot block oncoming attacks. However, with the Duel blades, you will have incredibly high mobility which means you can easily dodge oncoming attacks.

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