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Animal Crossing New Horizons – Secrets You Probably Didn’t Know

Animal Crossing New Horizons is one of the most popular games to be played on the Nintendo Switch. It is the latest installment in the social simulation video game series "Animal Crossing" and, it began with the release of the first Animal Crossing game back in 2001.

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, the developers have added tons of secrets that players can explore. You might think you have found all of them but you would be surprised to see what we have found. Here are Animal Crossing secrets that you probably didn't know.


Blathers’ Cute Scared Animation

You probably already know that Blathers is terrified of bugs. Did you know you can actually see him getting scared? That's right, if you go near Blathers and show off a bug, he will start to freak out and start sweating. His freak-out animation is really cute and it goes to show the level of detail that the developers have put in this game.


Wake up Gulliver

While taking a walk on the beach of your island, you might have noticed a seagull washed up at the shore. This is Gulliver and you have probably had a chance to chat with him but he seems to go back to sleep after a short conversation. If you want him to wake up and stand, just hit him on the head. No really, if you walk up to him and hit him on his head with your net, he will get up on his feet. The way he wakes up is super cute.


Are You Sure You Want to Sell That?

If you know anything about the golden recipes in Animal Crossing, you know how valuable they are. If you get lucky enough to get your hands on one, you are probably not going to sell it. But if you do try to sell it, Timmy and Tommy will make a special comment telling you how valuable this item is and you shouldn't sell it. You might not have seen this before because let’s face it, who would try to sell golden recipes.


Animal Crossing Glow in the Dark Grips

Speaking of cute and mysterious things, have you seen our Animal Crossing themed Glow in The Dark Grips? They are tiny and look super cute. Add them to your Nintendo Switch to make it look adorable and mysterious at the same time. Check them out here.

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