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Mario And Toad Nintendo Joycon Bundle
Mario And Toad Nintendo Joycon Bundle

Mario And Toad Nintendo Joycon Bundle


Mario and Toad are two of the most loved characters in the Mario universe, so much so that most people find themselves confused about which character to support more when it comes to buying Mario merchandise and gaming accessories. Well, Fatal Grips is here to put a stop to that problem once and for all. Check out the all-new Mario And Toad Nintendo Joycon Bundle.


This brand-new bundle by Fatal Grips features a set of Mario case and grips for the Nintendo Switch, each of which features designs that follow the colours and emblems of both Mario and Toad. Plus, if the unique colour and design combinations weren’t enough, well then, check this out:


Mario And Toad Nintendo Joycon Bundle provide the following added benefits:

Joy-Con Cases:

  • Improved grip and control
  • Specially designed silicone reduces sweat
  • Increased comfort for longer sessions
  • Protects your controller

Thumbstick Grips:

  • Extreme grip & comfort for improved gaming
  • Replace worn or ripped caps
  • Protect your analog sticks from wear and dust
  • Easy to replace (Simply push over the top of the original analog sticks)
  • Hybrid silicone TPU material provides a lot of grip and is long-lasting


With so much packed into a single bundle, it would be awful if you missed the opportunity to grab one for yourself. So, don’t wait up. Get yours today!