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Fatal Grips Mug - Fatal Grips
Fatal Grips Mug - Fatal Grips

Fatal Grips Mug


Some people don't like winters. However, if you are anything like us, you probably love to get all snug in your comfy chair with your favorite blanket. Nothing beats the feeling of being all warm and cozy while watching your favorite movies during a cold winter weekend.


There is one thing that can make this experience even better. Well, that's gaming of course. You are sitting in your chair super comfortable and warm and all of a sudden you see a message pop up on the game launcher. Your squad is ready for some action. With this begins another night of playing several matches with your friends and, if you are a competitive player, you may even release your beast mode.


One thing is still missing that would make your winter weekends complete. That is a mug full of warm cocoa. If this all seems great to you, we have a great product for you. We are talking about our Fatal Grips Mug. What's best about this mug is that it will keep your warm drinks warm for longer. It also has the Fatal Grips logo on it which helps this mug fit perfectly with your gaming-themed setup.


Even if you don't want to play games, our Fatal Grips Mug filled with a warm beverage will prove to be a great companion during your winter weekends.


The Fatal Grips Mug has a capacity of 10oz and is perfect for all kinds of beverages. Even if winter is over, you can still enjoy this mug for your gaming energy drink or any other cold beverage. We recommend cold milk and cookies. The Fatal Grips Mug is ceramic and fully dishwasher-proof. It will not fade and is delivered in polystyrene cubes which prevents any kind of damage.


The Fatal Grips Mug is available for purchase right now on our website. Well, what are you waiting for hurry up and grab one for yourself NOW!