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PS5 Legendary Gamer Box
PS5 Legendary Gamer Box

PS5 Legendary Gamer Box

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Do you consider yourself to be a legendary gamer when it comes to annihilating your foes on the new PlayStation 5? Well, if that is the case, then we have just the thing for you. Check out the all-new PS5 Legendary Gamer Box, which comes packed with a ton of goodies and upgrades, allowing you to supercharge your noob-pawning abilities.


Still not impressed? Hear this then. The PS5 Legendary Gamer Box by Boss Boxes includes products that undergo a strict quality control phase, making them the perfect version of its kind. All of this makes the stuff in this box a worthy accessory for a legend gamer. So, what's in the box? Find out down below:

  • x1 Gaming T-Shirt
  • x1 Ps5 Plain Controller Case
  • x1 Ps5 Patterned Controller Case
  • x1 Gaming Figure
  • x1 OG Fatal Grips
  • x1 PlayStation Icon Grips
  • x1 Pro Grips
  • x1 Glow In The Dark Grips
  • x1 Limited Edition Grips
  • x1 High Raised Convex Grips
  • x1 Paw Grips
  • x1 Precision Concave Grips
  • x1 Diamond Grips
  • x1 Neon Grips
  • x1 Gaming Coaster
  • x1 Gaming Badge Pack
  • x1 G Fuel Sachet
  • Gaming Stickers


All this in a miserly price of £35. If you purchase these various products separately, it can set you back £70-80 depending on where you buy them. However, here at Boss Boxes, we believe in levelling up our customers, and this is our way of telling you how you can do just that. Get your box today and earn your legend status.