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Nintendo Switch Gaming Box
Nintendo Switch Gaming Box

Nintendo Switch Gaming Box


The Nintendo Switch is an incredible piece of hardware. The ability to your favourite games on the go and that too without compromising on graphics or gameplay. It truly is a piece of art. However, as excellent as that handheld console is, there are some issues with it, some of which are linked to comfort and durability. Well, that changes today. Check out the all-new Nintendo Switch Gamer Box.


Over the past few years, we have heard many complaints from Nintendo Switch users regarding the device's overall comfort. The grips on the controller and the joy-cons itself, causing discomfort when playing games for extended periods. Plus, the material on the grips tends to fade off after some time. Well, after hearing from our customers, we have a solution. In this all-new Nintendo Switch Gamer Box, we have products that can help you avoid all of these issues, plus more.


Check out what's inside down below:

  • x1 Joycon Silicone Case
  • x1 Gaming figure
  • x1 Nintendo grips
  • x1 Nintendo switch extenders
  • x1 animal crossing grips
  • x1 sakura grips
  • x1 fruit grips
  • x1 diamond grips
  • x1 paw grips
  • x1 Pokemon Pokeball grips          
  • x1 gaming keyring
  • Gaming stickers


For Nintendo Switch owner, whether new or old, this all-new Nintendo Switch Gamer Box is a must buy. However, we would advise you to get your bundle box immediately as the stocks are quite limited.