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Gamer Box PS4 - Fatal Grips
Gamer Box PS4 - Fatal Grips
Gamer Box PS4 - Fatal Grips
Gamer Box PS4 - Fatal Grips

Gamer Box PS4


Don’t want to go through pages after pages of different PS4 products that can help you get better at games and get a better overall gaming experience. Well, if that is the case, then we might have just the thing for you. Fatal Grips brings you its all-new Gamer Box PS4.

It is an entire box filled with incredible Fatal Grips products that are specifically designed and picked for you to help you boost your performance and get the most comfort out of your playing experience.


What you will find inside the Gamer Box PS4:

  • x1 PlayStation 4 Controller Case
  • x1 Coaster
  • x1 Badge Pack
  • x1 Gfuel Sachet
  • x3 Gaming Stickers
  • x2 Lightbar Decals
  • x1 Gaming Figure
  • x1 Concave Grips
  • x1 Limited Edition Grips
  • x1 Domed Grips
  • x1 Paw Grips
  • x1 Glow in the dark grips

Whether you’re a beginner looking to get an upper hand against seasoned players, or are a professional gamer wanting that extra little boost in performance, this Gamer Box is what you need.