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Fatal Grips Partners Up With Ultimo GG

Here at Fatal Grips, we are always on the lookout for collaborations and partnerships with other brands to help to bring a positive change to the gaming community. And to do just that, we have partnered up with Ultimo GG, a unique new platform that gives gamers the power to build a better future for themselves through gaming.


With the intention of democratizing the entire esports industry, Ultimo GG has launched its all-new token called ULTGG. It is an online currency that gamers and content creators can earn through winning tournaments, creating content for the gaming community, and more. The ULTGG token earned can then be converted into NFTs or products from one of Ultimo GG’s partners, which now includes Fatal Grips.


And if that wasn’t interesting enough, Ultimo GG gives you the option of converting your earned ULTGG tokens into actual, real money. Yes, you read that right. Now you can convert all of those hours you have spent playing your favourite game into actual cash. Take that, mom and dad! Who said gaming isn’t going to pay the bills!


Furthermore, Ultimo GG is an all-in-one platform that caters to everyone. So whether you are interested in taking part in tournaments or want to stream or watch on-demand video content, Ultimo GG is the place to be. Everything under one roof!


For more information on Ultimo GG and ULTGG, head on over to their official website here, or follow them on Telegram for all of their announcements and recent updates. The esports revolution is here; are you ready for the change?

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